Ideas & What to Share

Are you stumped about what to write or say or draw?

Relax. There’s no right or wrong here. This isn’t a test. It’s just friends sharing.  This pandemic has its serious and somber moments, but it also has silly and surprising times, too.  All of it is fair game.

  • Tell a story that captures a moment from this experience.
  • Tell a story about your experience that you think you’ll remember ten years from now
  • Share a story that reflects how you feel right now
  • What’s one thing about this experience that you want to remember or share?

Still not sure what to say?  Consider these prompts to help jog your thinking.

  • What’s a plan you had that the pandemic interrupted?
  • What’s something positive that happened solely because of the pandemic?
  • Tell a story about reconnecting with someone you otherwise might not have.
  • Did you grow apart from someone? Who? Why?
  • Describe the most pandemic-y, stir-crazy, “if I don’t try something new today…” thing you did.
  • Describe something you’re happy you learned?
  • Describe something you wish you hadn’t had to learn?
  • Describe something that surprised you by gaining importance in your life at this time?
  • Did someone gain importance in you life at this time that surprised you? Who and why?
  • How has this pandemic inspired you? Share a brief story.
  • Explore some analogies: A day in isolation was like…  The coronavirus is a…  Time felt like…   During isolation my brain turned into a…(explore one analogy comparing your brain to something in nature and one analogy comparing your brain to something human-made)
  • How do you imagine describing this time to future generations? Or to an alien?
  • Imagine yourself as a young child experiencing this pandemic. Children are experts at noticing: What are the things you notice?
  • Create an acrostic of the word VIRUS or ISOLATION. An acrostic is a short poem or sentence with each word beginning with the next letter of the prompt word.
  • If you were to write the first and last lines of an epic poem about this time, what would they be?
  • Supply an adjective and concrete noun in the follow positions to create (and then explore) a metaphor: “The (adjective) (concrete noun) of this pandemic.
  • Describe a superhero perfectly suited for this time.  What are their powers? What is their origin story? Tell a story about an adventure they had.