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I was a in 8th grade when Covid happened i spent days and days wondering when i would be able to get back to my life i miss sports, friends, and i felt like i was missing my last year as a preteen. The whole pandemic made me feel lost on who i was, I had always been around people i spent ever second of everyday wit people but when Covid hit that changed i finally realized why teens were so depressed looking at them in middle school saying ill never be like her but you find out you cant stop it. I feel like because of Covid it made school way harder and now as of today teachers keep saying ” you guys are so behind” but we lost math, reading, etc. we lost the learning from that year and it effected us and now the teachers put it on us. Now that Covid has pasted i feel like it made sports harder for me to want to do i just have so much anger built up and its from being away from others not being able to live my life. To be honest I honestly think that Covid changed my life i’m not the same person i was back in the beginning of 8th grade i’m so much less happy with sports, friends, and myself. I have lost all confidence I have in myself and I believe some of that is from Covid.