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The Covid-19 pandemic started during my freshman year of high school. I had just made my school’s varsity lacrosse team and I was so excited to play. I went through a week of tryouts to have my whole season taken away from me. I was so excited at first when they said we will have 2 weeks off of school. Those 2 weeks turned into the rest of the school year online. I was supposed to go to France for spring break with my school but that got canceled due to travel bans. My mom was very strict with me and my brothers. We weren’t allowed to see our friends and I couldn’t even go to the grocery store with her! I remember one day I was so excited because she let us go through the McDonald’s drive-thru and it was the first time I left my house in a month. We spent a lot of family time together. We would play Mario Cart, Monopoly, Minecraft, or Just Dance. We also had lots of movie nights. At first, my family and I got extremely close because we had to be around each other all the time. After a few months of being locked in the house, we started fighting a lot. Luckily my mom let us start hanging out with our friends by June. That meant I spent 3 months without seeing my friends! That summer I spent every day I could with my friends and it was the best summer I have ever had. School my sophomore year of high school started out online but eventually went back to in-person. One day I came to school and one of my classes only had 3 people because everyone had caught Covid. We went back online for a little bit after that. Although Covid felt like it ruined my life during the time, there were some positives that came out of it at well. Some of the positives are that I probably wouldn’t have such a strong relationship with my brother, I didn’t have to read Romeo and Juliet in front of my English class, and I learned to be excited about the little things, such as going through the Mcdonald’s Drive-thru.