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For me, Covid-19 hit right toward the middle of my freshman year. I just made my school’s softball team. I was kinda upset because I went through 3 hard days of tryouts for me to not end up playing at all. I was happy that we were getting to go home for 2 weeks because obviously, I got to get a break from school. However, the last thing I expected was an extra-long extension. During the lockdown, it wasn’t as fun as I expected it to be. Before Covid-19 had taken a toll on our lives my family had started doing updates on the house. Meaning we were redoing our kitchen from the floor, cabinets, and walls. This meant that during most of the lockdown we had all our kitchen furniture in our living room taking up most of the space and we had to do our dishes outside with a hose because we didn’t have the main sink. So, it wasn’t fun being stuck at the house with six other people. When I went back to school in my sophomore year I tried going to school in person for the first half. However, I went full-time online after I realized I didn’t struggle that much with learning mostly by myself. Covid-19 hasn’t affected me as much as other people academically and mentally. However, it was starting to affect going to events. My family is pretty close so it was really sad when I found out that our traditional Christmas party was being canceled because of Covid-19. I was glad for the break from school but I’m glad to be going back to school in normal ways again.