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Covid has impacted my life in numerous ways, but the biggest lesson I learned is to never take your family for granted. My grandfather passed away in November of 2020 right in the peak of Covid. We made the hardest choice we had to make and we ended up moving my grandfather into a nursing home in march of 2020 and then covid hit. It was horrible. My grandpa was in a new environment with dementia, which dementia can cause anger outbursts. It was really hard for my grandpa and even us because we couldn’t see him. In November of 2020 we got a call from the nursing home saying he was being transported to the hospital via ambulance because his oxygen and pulse were low. The hospital wouldn’t let us visit because of the covid guidelines, but they would just keep calling my grandma at the early hours in the night and let her know he was declining BUT we couldn’t come say our goodbyes even though he had 2 negative covid tests come back within 72 hours. I work for the said hospital and I was not going to sit back and let my grandpa pass away alone. I fought my way into his hospital room and I sat with him for a couple hours. He started to improve but the doctors still thought he was going to pass away soon. We ended up making the decision to bring him back to the nursing home on hospice care so we were able to spend the last couple days he had with him. Covid took away the last couple months my grandpa had left with us and I will forever be grateful for time we got to spend together at the end. I would do it again if I was in the same situation.