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Covid 19 hit when I was a sophomore in high school. When I heard we had two weeks off of school I was actually quite happy. I was like this is going to be such an amazing 2 weeks off. But when those two weeks had turned into the rest of the sophomore ¬†year and my junior year I was quite devastated. Life felt like it wasn’t really life anymore, everyday was quite a struggle for me. Being the social person I was in high school then going to not being able to talk to teachers, friends, and others in person was extremely hard on me. I was really hoping by junior year we would have got to go back to in person teaching. I was very sad that we were not able to. As the months went by in junior year I started struggling with my mental health real bad and with struggling came unhealthy coping skills. Eventually with time and help things got a little better for me. I was so glad when I heard we were able to return for my senior year. Life had felt like the pause button was unpaused and life was slowly coming back together for me.