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Well, Covid-19 hit right in the middle of my sophomore year. I was thankful I just finished my wrestling season up. I know to this day I am still pretty upset we got kicked out of school with no real return until a year or so later. For different reasons though, as I got older. As a sophomore in high school, I was upset because I didn’t get to hangout or see my friends everyday. Now, as an 18 year old struggling in college, I am upset because the academics that helped me form into a successful student was thrown away with covid-19. Now, you are probably asking, “how did one year mess up the formation of you becoming a successful student?”…..well, nothing was never the same for school after that point. We returned to school, but you were still getting sent home for outbreaks to work from home online. So I felt like I was never actually being taught anything. I gave up, because that’s what I had adapted too. If things got hard, I was going to stop completely and just not finish my school work. After reflection of those decisions, I am not exactly sure why I thought that was the best idea to do. I struggled to finish high school, scored worse on my SAT than I did my PSAT, and here I am trying to give college a go. I was not a fan of covid-19 because of it interrupting my learning time. The times outside of learning were fun though. Got really close to my family, then towards the end everyone flipped and my brother got kicked out. I haven’t been close to my brother since. Covid-19 didn’t really affect my mind, it was the way it affected the world, that started to affect my mind.