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It all started Friday March 13, 2020. I was getting ready for school and went out to the front room to get my shoes on. My mother was sitting in the family room watching the news. She had a worried look on her face, so I walked over to see what was going on. The news was informing everyone that a pandemic had struck, and countries were going to be forced to shut down. They called this pandemic the coronavirus. After hearing this information, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I didn’t know what this meant. I was excited because it was always fun getting time off school. I was scared because the future was unpredictable. I was concerned about how this virus was going to impact the lives of my loved ones and the country. Little did I know things were going to be a lot more serious than anyone ever imagined. Earlier that week, I was talking with my father about flying out to Arizona to visit him and surprise my best friend, Nicholas, for his birthday. Nicholas was going to be turning sixteen soon, so his mother was planning a party for him. His birthday falls on Easter, so it was going to be a combined party of Easter fun and celebrating his big sixteenth. I was really upset and worried that I would no longer be able to fly out, especially because we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

I continued with my day knowing that this was out of my control, and I headed to school. When I arrived at school, all I could hear people talking about was this stupid virus. Every class I had teachers were telling us we needed to have a plan in case school really did get shut down. During third period, the principal announced that school was closing for an indefinite period, and he gave us directions for dismissal.

When I got home, I was exhausted so I went in the family room and watched tv with my mother. A little time passes, and my sister comes running up the stairs. She looked at my mother and said that someone named Cassie (Nicholas’s aunt) was on the phone and wanted to speak with her. Immediately my mother started freaking out and I knew it wasn’t good. When she got off the phone she started crying and I was frantically asking what was wrong. She looked up at me struggling to find the words. My best friend had just passed away. My heart sank to my stomach. This was the worst message I have ever received. I lost the only person who was always there for me. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. All I wanted to do was go to Arizona to be with his family. However, due to all the airports being shut down there was no way I could travel. It was difficult receiving information such as this and then not even being able to go anywhere or be around anyone. I just had to stay locked up in my home.

Even though covid and quarantining was one of the worst times for me, I am thankful it happened. It gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my family. Together we created unforgettable memories. It also taught me many life lessons. I learned much about myself and had a lot of time to reflect on things. This experience made me a better person. I now have a better appreciation for life. I treat every day as if it could be the last and I do my absolute best to never go to bed angry or upset. Life is too fragile to take for granted.