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When coronavirus first was introduced, I never imagined the impact it would have on the world we live in, communities and even myself. I remember when Covid 19 was first announced, and the governer had stated that schools would be closed and you should stay at home and “quarentine” with only the people you live with and see everyday and stay away from everyone else. This order was put into place, to try and stop the spread of Covid 19 and keep people healthy and safe and hopefully it would disappear quickly. Well unfortunately, this was not the case, it was not the case at all. This was impacting the entire world, in ways that I had never imagined. Im not going to lie, at first when Covid 19 and the “stay at home order” came about, I was away at school in my apartment living with my friends. All of our jobs had closed, and it was like we had no contact with the outside world. We did not take this as serious as others, and I do feel like I should’ve taken it more seriously then what we did but I have learned a lot since then.

When the holidays came around, you were not supposed to see your family. Some people listened to this, while others did not. It was quite the mixture and uproar of what people had decided to do. Me personally, went home for the holiday to stay with my family as we have never missed a holiday in the past. I know it may have not been the safest thing for me to do, but my parents had made the decision and I think they could not bare the holidays to have me and my sister not there with them. So, I did go home for the holidays and when it was over I made my way back to my apartment to be back with my roommates who had all done the same thing.

Covid 19 continued to last ALOT longer then what most of us could have ever imagined. It actually continued to get worse and worse and pretty soon it was like the world went dark. Nothing was open, and people stayed inside their homes for months. You were required to wear a mask and even to this day some places still do. Many businesses shut down, causing people to lose their jobs and it was/is a very rough situation for everyone involved. Luckily, anyone in my family who did develop Covid 19 including myself ended up being okay and returning back healthy but as many people know this was not the case for everyone.

One of my dearest friends dad had passed away from Covid 19 almost a year ago now, and the pain still lives with him and his family as well as others in this situation daily. I can not put it into words, how deeply sorry I am for all 0f the people who may have lost someone during this very difficult time and how heartbreaking that is to hear and think about.

Covid 19 has become something that is still around today, and even though their are vaccines to help control this that does not mean that it is not still out there and people should stop worrying. Always hold your loved ones tight and be mindful of others, as well all try and get through Covid 19 as it is still around today.