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The first time I thought that the Coronavirus or Covid 19 pandemic was serious was when Governer Whitmer announced that schools would be closing. I remember thinking in my head that the school closure would last maybe 2 weeks until the virus would be eradicated, and everything would go back to normal. Well, I was absolutely wrong. As the weeks went by and the return to in-person learning kept getting pushed back, the more I realized how much the virus was impacting daily life.

The Covid 19 pandemic caused me to miss my first holiday (Easter) ever with my family due to the restrictions put in place by the Governor. I was not able to see my parents, sisters, nieces and nephews on a holiday that we have celebrated together every year in the past. Although we could FaceTime with one another, it was not the same as being in person with them. Easter 2020 was the loneliest holiday in my lifetime.

Thankfully we are now past the restrictions here in Michigan and are able to have a sense of freedom again. However, the Covid 19 pandemic still affects the world we live in. Even in the news today there are stories of restrictions being put in place here in the US and in other parts of the world which as a result, has led to riots. As time passes, we may hear less about Covid 19, but I think that the impact it has had will leave an impression on each of us for the rest of our life.