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If there’s something the Coronavirus pandemic has taught me, it’s without a doubt the appreciation of time. Not the appreciation of time with regard to keeping a schedule and getting things done but the appreciation of time with regard to fully engaging in the present, in the now, in what’s tangible and within my reach. Time is fleeting and truly waits for no man ,the seconds quickly turn to minutes and the minutes to hours and well, we all know how that goes. The thought that rest is only deserved on vacation days is one that had me in autopilot and forgetting to indulge the present, the endless toil for a better tomorrow made me forget about today.It also convinced me that I’d be happier when I had reached my goals.In no way am I saying to forsake it because I’m aware our survival depends on it but I have decided to pursue the present and be present in it because tomorrow is never promised and what a shame it would be if all that I toiled for was rudely interrupted by a thing so unthinkable such as a pandemic.