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Before the pandemic, I would say that I felt like a socially fluid person and that school never felt like that big of a struggle to me. But when I recall the start of the pandemic in March 2020, I remember so of the hardest times of my life for not only me but my family as well. My family was planning to move from our house of 20 years to a newer and more updated home within the same town. When I was sent home at the end of my spring trimester, I was the only sibling at home to help my parents move all the items in our home, it was a daunting task that was necessary due to the shut down of all non-essential workers. My mother and I worked day and night, packing boxes full tirelessly with all of the items in our home and driving across the town in a minivan. Some days we would make the trip between the two homes around 10 or more times a day, this began to take a toll on me when juggling the heavy loads of work at home as well as trying to keep up with my first set of online hybrid classes. I look at this period of time in my life with a great deal of sadness knowing I was so unhappy with how things were going. I hated the start of the pandemic, it felt like the pandemic was really affecting those that were stuck at home. I felt like my conversations and relationships with friends became strained, and I felt hopeless and stuck at home. I hate to admit it, but for the first time in my life, I felt truly depressed. After being forced out of my dorm, and moving out of my childhood home of 20 years, it felt like I had lost 2 homes in the span of 3 weeks.