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Baseball was greatly affected by the pandemic. I committed to a D1 University before my junior year baseball season. This was an awesome achievement as it is a prestigious Division 1 school in the Big East Conference. Going into my senior year, which is the year you get the most attention for the MLB draft. I had been in contact with multiple MLB teams that said they were excited to see me play in the spring. Then COVID hit. This was detrimental to my chances of getting drafted out of high school. I then went to Butler while COVID regulations were still in effect. The NCAA also ruled that all players in college baseball would receive an extra year of eligibility for the season they lost the previous year. This made it extremely difficult to compete for a spot in the starting lineup as the team was full of 23 and 24-year-old men. A six-year difference is quite large, especially from 18 to 24. This was a killer for thousands of college baseball players’ hopes and dreams.