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I have always considered myself and my husband, survivalists. I say that in the light of always having extra supplies. We have a closet in our basement that I tease my husband about being the “Walking dead room” In all actually when we moved into our house back in 2013 we had a horrible ice storm and lost  power for over a week, So over time we have slowly stocked up so we would have extra water to flush toilets, we had extra propane cans for our camp stove, extra batteries, flash lights, can goods and just about everything a person would need to survive for a few weeks. What we did not have was a sitter for our kids, enough meat and we did not have enough toilet paper!

Our first priority was to make sure we had eyes on our kids. We did not have any family that could watch them, and we were not interested in trying to find someone to come in and sit with them. We decided since they really didn’t need a babysitter that they could stay home by themselves. Leaving two kids between the ages of 11-14 home alone day after day without bloodshed was a lot to ask. If I know anything about my kids, it is that they are both blue ribbon winners when it comes to bickering. We felt like our only option was to install a couple of cameras. I have always considered myself old fashion when it comes to technology so this was a pretty big step for us, and it was our first real introduction to the life of virtual schooling and well virtual babysitting. It worked out great! We were able to install a program to our phones and we could watch them anytime we wanted to.  We all had a lot of fun with it.

Our second biggest challenge at the start of the pandemic was we did not act very fast compared to others. we saw the news we saw the store parking lots and we just simply went to work, worked our shifts and came home.  About a week or so into the pandemic I said to my husband, “Maybe we should have gone out and gotten more supplies” his response was “were fine”. when we finally did get to the store the reality of what was going on really hit home. The shelves were bare, the meat coolers were empty, there was hardly anything to left to purchase. We had supplies but we did not have much meat. I remember finding some rolls of frozen ground turkey, and some lunch meat. We grabbed what little food was left and then went on to purchase supplies for our animals and a few other items like extra candles, detergent and what batteries we could find. The next challenge we had was finding toilet paper. I was down to a couple of rolls and there was nothing in the stores, nothing at Meijer, Costco, or Walmart. I remember standing in the toilet paper isle at Meijer and thinking well I guess were going to have to figure something out. My husband came around the corner with two party size packages of napkins. Well, it wasn’t toilet paper, but it was better than nothing!!  Our Walking dead closet is now well stocked again and this time we have added a few extras to it in case this pandemic starts to get bad again. We survived and if COVID has done anything to my family it has just brought us closer together.