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Interrupted Plans

At the beginning of 2020, right before the pandemic started, I had a great list of things to do for my New Year’s resolutions. As someone who is pretty shy and introverted, one can assume that some goals and plans were to go outside of my comfort zone, meet new people, and try new things. I had an extremely outgoing best friend at the time who was certain they were going to help me do so. That was all until COVID hit. I was locked in my house for almost 4 months, desperate to even go grocery shopping. For the first time I wanted to go to school and see my friends. Normally, I liked to be alone and hangout by myself. But I stopped talking to my regular friends like I normally did, because I couldn’t see them in person to do so. COVID ruined my plans to start being more outgoing, making new friendships, and communicating not through the phone. Once the lockdown was lifted however, I eventually became a social butterfly. I started acting like a teenager and having fun. I thought the lockdown was a bad thing for me, but it let me work on myself to eventually be better for the people I am surrounded by.