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Covid 19 is something that really has affected my life. I was a senior in high school when this pandemic came, it’s something no one saw coming. Because of this pandemic, I lost something every senior was supposed to experience and look forward to. Our spring break to Mexico was cancelled, our senior prom, our graduation, and our last special months of our senior year. My heart was shattered when this news broke out, I am still upset to this day that we weren’t able to experience it. On top of that, going to grad parties and having them was difficult because we were all breaking the rules so we could still go to and experience these things. My schools and the ones around us were still partying and hanging out with each other that summer of 2020, because of that, we all got covid and spread it around our community like a wildfire. We didn’t realize what we had done and what we were doing until we all got the virus. It was also hard not being able to find a job and work during this time. I was not able to see my relatives and family members for a very long time. We weren’t even able to spend the holiday’s together because we weren’t allowed to. Covid has forever changed the world, it will always return worse and never go away. I am now a sophomore in high school and now there is a new variant that has come out that is worse. There is news that school is going to return to being online again. I never feel like I will have a normal school experience because Covid has taken that away from me.