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I don’t really have anywhere to start, so I’m just going to throw some words out there and lets hope they form some sentences. All in all, I would say that covid hasn’t had a large impact on my day to day life. When it first hit, February 2020 or so, I was in the last half of my junior year in high school. I had never been a very “high school experience” kind of person, so at that time I didn’t put much thought on how covid would change my experiences in high school. The main thing from what I learned in those beginning months of the pandemic were that I don’t really depend on social activity to function. Which I think that that is one thing that a small amount of people look at. In those first months, I would play videogames in my room, do puzzles, and find new ways to occupy my time: programming. This time created great growth for myself and after a few months, I felt I knew myself better than ever before. During the summer, the town that I lived in was getting mainly back to normal. Then I had the opportunity to work at Tim Hortons. This was my first real job and I don’t think I would have gotten it if covid did not happen. I worked at Tim Hortons for a year and made some of my greatest memories there: I met one of my greatest friends, as well as experiences some crazy people! But back to what I had said earlier. During the initial countdown I had time to dive further into my newly created interest of programming. This has been another great opportunity that was created by covid. I now am Attending LCC to pursue an education in computer science, and I am living with my friend (who is also going for programming) and his brother (already went for programming and I am now following in his footsteps). So I know that I haven’t been negatively effected by covid, and my heart goes out for those who have. But after all of this, I am realizing that there have been so many new opportunities for me during this time, and I now feel better about myself than ever before. So I will leave you with this: we are given new opportunities every day but sometimes you need to open up your eyes and your heart to embrace them.