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Apparently We Call This a “Pandemic”

So many forced to stay at home,

Only “essential” workers are allowed out.

Millions of people wondering,

Where this virus came about.


It all started kind of like the flu,

And a failure to taste or smell.

But within’ a few months,

Our economy fell.


Hospitals are overly full,

And there are barely any supplies.

Apparently we call this a “pandemic”

Where too many people have had to compromise.


Two years later, 

Many loved ones have been lost.

You can refuse the vaccine, 

But at what cost?


We wonder if things will ever be normal again,

Or if we’re forever stuck with a mask.

Just when we think things are getting better,

We’re hit with another Covid attack.


Covid has brought many hardships

And brought many people displeasure.

But one thing I do know,

Things will one day get better.


Maybe as time passes, 

We’ll begin to forget it.

Right now, it all may feel like hell,

But apparently we call this a “pandemic.”