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Covid-19 scared me. I was already alone in a city that I had little to no friends (besides my girlfriend) or family and now there’s a  pandemic. Worse more, I had been laid off, quarantined from my family, and all of my roommates moved back home. I was left alone and everything that used to take up my time (school, work, social life), came grinding to a halt. I soon found myself elbow deep in empty cereal boxes, lounging alone on my couch watching Tommy Boy over and over, way too many times than I’d like to admit. My girlfriend let me temporarily live with her and her remaining roommates, which turned out to be a mental lifesaver. However, each day passed and I still continually felt as empty as my bank account. My day to day life was a cycle of maybe working out, then mindlessly watching movies and eating junk food until I felt tired enough to sleep. And don’t get me wrong, at first it was lovely to have no responsibilities. I also did not forget how fortunate I was compared to those who had lost their livelihood and were barely scraping by. But after the 100th time of watching tiger king, I just felt lazy. It was around that time that I stumbled on some old music that I had made. Before I moved to Lansing, I was in a totally sweet cover rock band and I regularly produced and wrote my own music. Once I moved however, school and work became my priority and music fell by the way side. But listening to that old music made me remember such happy times. It made me reflect on where I had come from and the passions that used to make me feel alive. From that day on, I started making music again. My skill as a musician was not where it used to be but as soon as I got back to jamming, I felt better. I felt like I had something that couldn’t be taken away, something that I could look forward to and find happiness in doing. Music saved me from becoming a glorified couch cushion and to this day, as things are leaning slightly towards normalcy, I always make time for music and never take it for granted as I once did.

If your struggling through these hard times, don’t be afraid to go back to things that made you happy in the past. It doesn’t have to be music, it could maybe be drawing, writing, under water basket weaving, coin collecting, or literally anything that brings smile wrinkles to your face. No passion will ever be to old to reignite as long as your willing to spark the torch. Go find yours and be happy.