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Before Covid-19 hit Michigan I worked in a nursing home as a medicine passer or med passer. I remember having a meeting with my supervisors and telling all the staff members that as soon as this virus hit Michigan we were no longer able to have visitors inside the buildings.¬† At first I was happy I didn’t have to see certain family members anymore when it hit Michigan. But little did I know that this information would have a long term effect on me and my residence that I was taking care of. So the night before everything changed from normal to worse for all my residence I told all there loved ones hold your family members a little longer and enjoy what time you have with them because soon as this virus hits Michigan¬† no one will be able to come in the building per Governors orders. After telling them all this information I didn’t realize it wouldn’t be weeks that they wouldn’t see them but over a year until they would see them again. Well that’s if they didn’t pass prior to then .

The worse part for me was the first couple of weeks and all the deaths’ I went through because they were depressed and didn’t know what was going on and why there loved ones had stopped visiting them. All of my residence that passed away during this time none of them had covid-19 related deaths but deaths of not having as much social interaction as they were used to having. The worst death for me in the first weeks of covid-19 came was when a beloved guest past from having a stroke and I watched her have it right in front of my eyes. Her just shaking in her wheelchair and then she was no longer responsive like she normally would be. I ended up calling EMS and her Daughter to see what hospital to take her to but by the time EMS got there she had past and she was DNR so there was nothing they could do. When her daughter showed up to her room all you could hear was screaming in hysterically crying it was one of the worst things I have gone through with this pandemic especially leading up to it.