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Cornona virus. wow, that’s all i can really say for now. I have been working in the health field this entire pandemic in the customer service side of pharmacy. at first things were great, scary, but great. people we nice and we were considered “heros”. Wow has that changed. We are dramatically short staffed and severely overworked. We are currently dealing with crazy amounts of vaccines, and covid testing as well as our normal workload of over 800 prescriptions per day plus drug orders to stock the pharmacy. people have gotten mean and don’t seem to have human decency anymore. everyone feels entitled to a vaccine right here and right now with no thought of anyone else. They don’t care about the lines or safety of us or other patients. So for all the health care workers out there and everyone working in customer service i see you and i feel you. People suck, but it can’t be this way forever. please hang on and keep going the world needs us more than ever, even if they cant see it.

sincerely, another overworked and underpaid pharmacy tech <3