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My experience in the year of 2020 was unlike any I had ever had before. Up until that year I had always been a very social, outgoing, mentally stable person. Once the pandemic hit and quarantine started my mental health started to deteriorate rather fast. In August, months after the pandemic had hit I moved to Kalamazoo to live in an apartment with one of my lifelong best friends. I thought that this would help my mental state, going back to school, having a really good friend always by my side. Little did I know, I would miss my hometown of Williamston very much. The months passed at my new apartment and I had started to take a turn for the better and then the second wave of Covid hit and everything shut down for a second time. This is where my mental health really struggled. I sat in silence about how I was feeling for a while but then opened up about it to someone I trust very much. Once I opened up about it and talked about it, I felt a lot better. Soon, winter break was approaching and I was very excited to go home for the month we got off for break and see all of my hometown friends. I spent that month there, getting my mind right and really focusing on myself while also reuniting with my friends that I missed. After winter break takes me to now, I am back in Kalamazoo, living with my friend and doing better than I have in a long time all thanks to a little time at home.