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I graduated from Portland High School in 2020 and I thought that my senior year was going to be great until we got hit by Covid-19. My school got shut down right around March so that meant no prom and spring sports were done. I joined track for the first time since middle school my senior year because my friends wanted me to and I thought it was going to be really fun. The first few practices we had were a lot of fun I thought that it was going to be a blast but then a week or so later everything got shut down. I think that was when it became real to me because I was going through a pretty tough time with personal things at school and outside of school so sports was a big part of my life because I loved being active for one and for two It kept my mind off of things I didn’t want to think about. So when I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything that was tough I can remember a little bit after that I stopped eating a lot. I just didn’t become hungry anymore or I didn’t feel like getting out of bed to get something to eat so there would be days that I only had crackers and that would be my meal because I didn’t feel like eating anything. ┬áTo try and cheer me up my parents put on a fake prom for me because I didn’t get to celebrate my senior prom and I remember putting on my prom dress and not fitting into it because it was too big and I guess at that moment that’s when I realized how much weight I have actually lost. I think it was difficult because I just wanted to see my friends because another way I coped with my stress and anxiety was going to hang out with my friends because they distracted me. When I didn’t have that support as much anymore it was very hard and I think I was pretty depressed. I lost out on a lot of fun memories my senior year because of this disease and to not be able to give a proper goodbye to highschool was sad for me and I didn’t really love school. The only part I liked was seeing my friends everyday and sports so that’s when the school got shut down at first I thought that it was so cool because I didn’t have to go to school anymore but turns out you don’t really know what you have until its gone and that’s the way it was for me. I wanted to have a graduation in May like the grade above me got to and I wanted a normal goodbye like everyone else, but instead, I got to graduate in August with not even my whole class. I know something is better than nothing but not having all my friends there and family didn’t feel real. I think it just made me sadder than I already was. Covid-19 brought me a lot of loss but it also brought me even closer to my friends because in the end we knew we were all gonna get through this and I think we might have even come out stronger than ever before because of it.