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Coronavirus a little word for a such huge disease. Coughing, fever, chest pains and even death, so many symptoms to be aware of. So many protocols to enforce and live by. Who would’ve thought my senior year of high school would end wearing masks and half days. You want to know what Corona has done for me? Corona has made me numb. Numb to due dates and computer screens. Numb to the bottom half of faces. Numb to my emotions. We as humans are meant to be social right,  so when you add a disease and subtract the social aspect you become a creature of habit. That habit of sitting behind a computer for hours on end, with countless assignments meant to be easy, but begin to pile up the second you take a breather. What used to be easy has now become hard. I’m lacking motivation, I’ve become cold and distant and I don’t remember how to interact anymore. If I’m different than you remember me a year ago, don’t blame me, blame the corona that took away my happiness and left me numb.