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The past few months have changed the lives of so many people. Due to the pandemic and stay at home order the lives of students changed drastically. Students were forced to stay home instead of going to school. Seniors did not get a regular graduation. Spring sports did not exist. Malls and restaurants completely shut down. Eventually, schools resumed but not how we imagined. Students now have a choice of either online or face to face. Sports are in full effect but masks are required. Malls and restaurants are open but you must follow precautions and procedures.

However, the pandemic not only hurt students but also local businesses as well. Local businesses may have struggled to make it even before COVID-19 appeared. Once COVID-19 hit the United States and cases kept increasing people were not allowed to leave their homes unless it was for essential items only. This impacted local business causing them to shut down because the income did not exist or if it did it had to be very little.

Many households during COVID-19 depended on unemployment to survive. For many families this was not enough to support their families. Many would have to look for other help to get through this period of time.

The world is slowly adapting to the new circumstances and regulations that are put into place. This however, is our new life and people are going to have to accept that. I understand that many are frustrated and angry but there is nothing that anyone can change because COVID-19 exists and it is not going to disappear.