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Life during this pandemic many of us have seen the day to day struggles that Covid has brung. Many of us like myself did not expect many lives to change. We went from big gatherings to staying 6 feet apart to avoid contracting the virus. I feel like the world is slowly but surely adapting to this new world. There is many frustrations with the different rules and regulations but, the main goal is to keep us Americans safe. Keeping a positive attitude will help all of us pull through this tough time.

During this time keeping up with your mental health is very important so, keep checking up on the people you care about. This virus has changed so many lives but we as a whole are a strong country. I feel once this is over we can conquer anything that comes at us. Covid does not define us it is just an obstacle that we are going get through eventually.

During the pandemic I have had the honor to work with people with mental illness it was an awesome experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. I know many people have faced challenges being out of their job and trying to make ends meet but, never seeing people give up is an amazing thing to watch. I look at our nation as such a strong species that can get through anything.