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Notably, the one thing that stands out to me is social media during this pandemic. Social media is a place where people can let loose their thoughts without repercussion. You will always have the far-right and far-left bashing each other over politics and current events. It is a sad state of affairs. I chose the middle path through this whole conundrum. It is important to see all view points and make an educated guess on what one believes or disbelieves.

The challenges of a new normal are difficult. I am unemployed and have yet to be called back from my employer. My wife is working from home rather than the office. My four children are doing the school work remotely. It is a difficult challenge, especially to those parents that are working full-time. Fortunately, my situation allows me to be home and help my kids with their schooling. I couldn’t imagine at this point how our situation would be if I hadn’t been laid off and my wife working from home. Either way it is stressful since I have classes and deadlines for homework. My wife can’t always help the kids but she does when she has downtime in her working hours.

It is my opinion that COVID-19 has reshaped how we go about life. We can argue about how it violates our rights but the essence is to see how much compassion we really have. Are we thankful in times of distress or are we going to succumb to the negativity that people have produced in these times? Are we going to love our neighbor as our self? I definitely believe that this pandemic has shown a spectrum of how far left and how far right humanity can become. People have become more democrat and or more republican that they have lost what it means to be human.