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Covid 2020

Entering 2020 nobody thought we’d be where we are right now. We were on college spring break, I didn’t go anywhere for vacation yet I vividly remember the moment I knew we weren’t going back to school for the Spring of 2020. I was at our local gym where I work in the daycare and I saw on twitter MSU was going home for the rest of the year and then a mom came upstairs and said the same thing. LCC is always on the same schedule as MSU so I knew we’d be doing the same. My dad was downstairs working out and I told him the news, he works at our local high school and said they were sending the kids home a week early and they’d have basically a “two week spring break” and then be back in the classroom. Fast forward five months and we’re still not back in the classroom. Crazy times, nothing I ever imagined experiencing in my sophomore and junior year of college. I lived at home and went to LCC for two years to save money, so I was very excited to get to move to a four year university for my junior year of college, but covid had other plans. I don’t think we’ll get to be back in the classroom for the Spring of 2021 semester but I hope I’m wrong about that. I would love to get to be on campus for my senior year of college. 2o20 has been a crazy year and I hope my family and everyone else’s families stay safe.