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I first made the decision to get a college education when I started to feel unhappy at my current job. I started looking through indeed and linkedin trying to find a job that I thought I would like and that I would be happy at. After weeks of searching I realized that in order to be happy and make more money I needed to get a college education. I made this decision in December 2019. I had planned to start classes the summer semester of 2020, but everything changed when COVID-19 hit.

The week I was planning on taking the placement tests is the week that everything started closing down. I had called LCC’s testing line in hopes that they were still taking people by appointment, of course they weren’t. I was so upset. The placement test was the last step I needed before I could start to enroll in classes and it was gone. It felt like everything I had planned for a better future was being taken away from me. I had to talk to my boss at work and let him know I would be sticking around longer than I had thought.

I ended up working my usual 10 hour days day in and day out as usual. About a month or two later I checked LCC’s site and they had made it so you could do the placement tests online. I was so excited that I called my boyfriend right before my dentist appointment just to tell him. I was taking the test the next week. And today I was able to start the fall semester.

Long story short, COVID-19 got in the way of me starting school when I planned, but I was able to overcome it and keep on going. Nothing will stop me from bettering my future and no one will forget how hard it was to get toilet paper in 2020.