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In the beginning, many people including myself didn’t realize how serious COVID-19 was. The media did not portray how severe this infectious disease was. Until Wuhan and many other cities around the world were in quarantine, we realized that it could mean more. In early March, Michigan had the first cases of COVID-19, many residents were not prepared for this or knew what this meant. Suddenly, a lot of people change their way of living to adjust to the new guidelines. From the way, we interact with others to the way we went grocery shopping. I went from attending football games with thousands of people from staying home and maintaining social distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In my experience, this pandemic has made me discover more of myself and this world. I started to reflect more on the issues going on in our contemporary society. Overall, COVID-19 has been an immense impact on other people‚Äôs lives whether it was good or bad.