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No one can predict the pandemic before March. This global issue has giving everyone a hard time. However, there is always things we can complain about and feel upset about. As a college student, at least I am still able to receive education which a lot people couldn’t do so with or without the pandemic. The words I am going to type are just my personal thoughts. Nothing offsense or aggressive.


A lot people think this whole pandemic is a diseaster which in fact it is unfortunaly. However, sometimes we need to persuade ourselves to think in the opposite direction to not make us feel sad. At least I do when I meet some really difficult things in life. If entire life of a person is a college level course, this pandemic might be one of the tougher exam included in the course. The good news is none of the exam will last forever. I had a lot free time since classes are transfered online. I think a lot about life, world, the entire human beings when I am stuck in my bedroom. Sometimes I feel I am lucky I haven’t really met any serious “issues” when I grow up. When my dad was born, my country was full of hunger and poor. Although there is no COVID that time, but there is series natural diseasters;farmers  are hunger to death and economy is falling apart. When my dad’s dad was born, this world is full of warfare, one by one endlessly. My mom is so worried about me when this pandemic is happening, but I keep telling her it will be alright. This might take days and months but we will get there eventually.


I don’t really want to talk too much about online learning or college tution becasue reddit and twitter would be a better place to have that kind conversion instead here. I used to keep hearing a term called mental toughness. I didn’t even realized I actually don’t know the exact meaning of that term until this pandemic. Everyone will meet some difficulties in thier life. School, job, family, love. There are so many parts of life we feel like being beaten badly. What support us to get thought all of this. No one had exact answer, but I think how  you think can be one of the answer. I start sounds like a “winner or successful dude”. At little bit my story will make you change your minds. Next day of my 15 years birthday, a lot my peers go to a place called high shcool. I, seat along on an airplane traveling to a  completly new country to me. I barely speak thier lanuagage and know pretty much nothing about thier culture. It was really rough at the beginning and me and my parents keep questioning about the decision I make. However, things start getting better somehow. When I graduate from high school. I have a wonderful GPA, letter from principal, tons of activities. I think I finally can get some reward back since I sacrifice so much. Only  two schools I applied give me an offer because I did not do super well on SAT. Life is just like that! You tried to accomplish something but that something walks away from you so you have to keep trying.


Pandemic is bad, but isn’t life just “bad” in some way. People come, people go. That’s life. Somebody tried, failed but tried again. That makes history.