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Upside Down

This global pandemic really threw my life around unexpectedly. It was the week that I had returned to my university from spring break, I had gone to actual classes for a total of three days, and then everyone had gotten the email saying that we needed to pack up our things and go home. At first, we all just thought that it was going to be a temporary thing and that we would return to school in two weeks’ time, no biggy. However, four days into being at home we got an email saying that we officially were closing the school and campus down and we were going totally online. This also meant that our freshman year was cut short and that we had to move out of the dorms completely and go home. 

The first couple of weeks didn’t even really feel real to me. I guess in my mind I wasn’t able to fully process what was happening. All I really knew was that I had made close friends at school and now we were going to be separated for a long time. It didn’t help that none of my friends lived in my city either, some lived on opposite sides of the state and others lived in a different state completely. 

Adjusting to life at home after being away for so long for the first time was kinda difficult. I was used to all this independence and now all of that was stripped from me. I didn’t have a car either so I was just kinda stuck at home all the time, not that that mattered much once the entire state went into lockdown. It was especially difficult cause I was just alone all the time because my parents still had to work. I have two older sisters who are in grad school, but unfortunately for me, they’re in grad schools across the country. And now thanks to COVID we were separated across three different states. 

I thought that I would keep myself busy by working a tone, but that plan didn’t work out. I worked at a nursing home, and unfortunately, many residents and employees had tested positive for corona. After telling my mother this, she decided that it was for the best that I don’t work there during the pandemic. 

So essentially, I spent my days leading up to my summer classes doing nothing. I tried to make a schedule for myself to get up at a certain time and work out. Then the rest of my day was pretty much me trying to make time pass by doing random things. It honestly got pretty lonely. 

I couldn’t really complain though, I mean my parents were still employed, which was a great relief and I still had a roof over my head and food to eat. All of the “problems” that I had weren’t really even problems. It was essentially just me being upset that all the plans that I had had were no longer available for me to do. We were gonna take several trips this summer to visit my family abroad and that couldn’t happen I was also planning on working this summer and that couldn’t happen, although I did manage to babysit for kids in my neighborhood whose parents still went to work. I wanted to see my school friends and that wasn’t possible. It was just little things that in the grand scheme of life aren’t really that important, but when they are taken away from you it’s almost as if your entire life is just flipped upside down. I guess what this whole thing has really taught me is that you can never take anything for granted, especially the little things. It could be going to the store, or being with your loved ones, or even just giving someone a hug. These little things are vital, and when you no longer can do them, it’s as if your entire world is shaken. I know that I miss my sisters and my grandma and when I can see them again I am just going to hold on tight, cause I know that everything can change in a blink of an eye.