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The Story of the Summer of 2020

It all started with this thing called Covid-19. What is it? Where did it come from? Is it real? These are all question that began not long into the year 2020. It all started as a joke or a meme till it became something serious!

The day came and we were on lock down. Who knew what to think at this point. Nothing seemed “normal”. It seemed like life had stopped or even reversed. People could not leave their homes. They were enclosed to the people in their households. It was like being a young child all over again. Doing the same thing everyday. Some loved this time other could not bear it.

Then summer came and it just flew by. Everything seemed to be closed and barely anyone was doing anything summer like. No concerts, gatherings, graduations. All of the activities looked forward to in the winter months were cancelled.

What is next? In all honesty no one can really tell what is to come.