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Something that has happened in a positive perspective during this pandemic is it allowed me to understand my true calling in life. I was called not only serve God but to serve the community and to make a positive impact on people. It took for me to see all these amazing frontline workers working hard and coming together as a team to open up my eyes. I had always wanted to be a nurse but felt like I was never good enough and that schooling was something I wouldn’t be able to do again. This pandemic has given me a whole new view on life. I can all things through Christ who gives me strength. All things are possible. With me having a bachelor degree in another field I had exceeded the max for financial aid and I knew deep down it would be very hard beingĀ  a single mom, working, and going to school. Granted the pandemic going it has opened up so many avenues for me to pursue my dream job. The federal government has given lots of aid to students which has helped me pay for classes. I thought how am I supposed to work full time, raise all my kids and go to school on campus? After praying to God to make a way and prepare a plan for me, I was able to obtain online classes due to social distancing. With this pandemic going on I chose to outweigh the good over the bad. Yes most have been hurt, without jobs, lost loved ones including myself and bills are piled high causing debt, I looked to the hills from which comes my help and asked God to take my hand and lead me! I continue to pray for all that are effected by this pandemic and pray that we will all be able to regain strength because God is our strength!.