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 Two chairs two unremarkable green plastic lawn chairs. Weathered by wind and rain faded by the sun brought in sometimes left out to often. A respite under shady apple trees on a hot lazy summer afternoon and naps. If you look close you can see scars from fire pit embers during talks that went well into the evening and sticky armrests from roasting marshmallows and the anticipation of dinning on those charred malignant looking treats. These chairs have heard and felt a lot laughs, tears, drunken ramblings and song lots of song. They sit silently, patiently. They don’t complain, judge, criticize or find fault. They offer comfort and a place to rest despite being worn and a bit uncomfortable. Two chairs much like two people a bit weathered and just a little faded from life uncertainties longing for a respite in the shade of better times to come.