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This semester humbled me. I was tossed into the lions with nothing but a spoon. I wallowed in self-pity struggling to find the motivation to keep pushing through during these trying times. I wanted to find a way to wake up. Coming into the semester I had my goals locked into my sight I was determined to be the best student so that I might be able to transfer and further my academic goals. I never thought I would be in for the most challenging semester sense I began college. When Covid-19 was first talked about on national media it was some illness over in china and as those normally go I couldn’t picture a scenario where it came state side and swelled out of control like it has done. When I went on spring break to New Orleans at the beginning of march, covid-19 only has one case there and we did not think anything of it because like before in our minds this virus was nothing to grand. There was a few cases scattered per state. Public health officials weren’t completely up in arms yet about the severity of the virus but as the week went on in New Orleans we started hearing rumors from the locals. They were clamoring about potentially locking down the city and not allowing people to leave period. Luckily my trip was over and I returned home on a long drive. At this point I was really starting to get an uneasy feeling and everything started to feel dirty. Around this time is when the great toilet paper scare swept across the world. Panic ensued over the disappearance of two ply. When I returned back to work (I’m a student employee at LCC) I was the only person there besides the higher ups. I was upset, I didn’t want to be there because I didn’t feel safe. This was still before businesses where required to supply proper person protection equipment (PPE) later that day I got a text from my boss that LCC would be closing and at that point my heart dropped. I knew right then this was going to be the worst semester ever. I do not do well with online classes. My brain refuses to soak in the information what so ever over the computer. So for a lot of classes I had to go “old school” I bought the text books and went face first. I dried highlighters like unplugging the sink after dishes. My first exam out of quarantine I did very well on and then I was completely humbled by one class Chem 151. This class felt like a monster when I was in the face to face class. Online it felt like Mount Vesuvius. So I tightened my hiking boots and started to climb. I was determined to get through this semester without having to drop or quit any class, I was not going to let covid-19 beat me. I grinded my way through the problems notebooks filled with Chem problems. I had one relief, being able to put my words onto paper and purely think. My semester has ended and I managed to somehow pass all of my classes. First round goes to me Covid.