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With all of the chaos, uncertainty, and dramatic changes to daily life for everybody, i think it may be refreshing to hear some positive aspects of this entire experience for my family. My wife and i have three children ages 1, 5, and 9. We both work full-time, and that is in addition to me coaching full-time, and also going to school to finish my degree. It goes without saying, but i will anyway, that our daily lives are very busy and most days feel like there is just not enough time to get things done. Although the transition to working from, and the kids going to school from home, was a bit stressful early on as we tried to create a new routine, my wife and i soon realized that this experience was a big blessing in disguise. It does not elude me that some have lost loved ones, and have experienced other tragedies while dealing with COVID-19, but this experience FOR MY FAMILY allowed us to slow down, and spend so much more quality time together, rather than the typical hustle and bustle of a normal day in which we had to be 3 different places at once. We got to watch my 1 year old have her first birthday during quarantine, along with watching her take her first steps, say some of her first words, and grow exponentially. Our middle child also had her 5th birthday during quarantine, she learned to ride a bike without training wheels during this “COVID” time, and we have watched her blossom into a young lady right before our eyes. Again, our oldest experienced his 9th birthday in quarantine, and he has been reading books to us almost every night. We ride bikes just about everyday, we busted out all of our old board games, we have movie night at least once a week, we have spent a lot of time outdoors together, and we have bonded during this time like never before. What this experience made my wife and i realize is how many of our children’s experiences, and how much of our children’s lives, we miss out on from spending all day sitting at a desk in an office. For what?! We all can get overwhelmed with the grind of life, everybody is busy, and sometimes it makes us lose track of what the most important things in life actually are. At some risk of making money, and paying our bills, we have taken this time to focus on our family and grow closer together. This could be the only time in our lives, and hopefully everybody’s lives, that we will get this kind of time to spend together before we all head back to work, school, and back to the daily grind of life. Times like this can give us all an opportunity to reflect and remember what should come first, FAMILY, so take advantage of it while you can!