A Moment that Captures My Experience

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This quarantine has been difficult for me. In the beginning I was in complete denial of this country going on lock down. I didn’t want to accept that everything would change; it was hard adjusting. Now I am feeling more adjusted to this change. Although it is difficult not being around my church community and also being home so much. I miss riding the bus, going out to eat, observing people in a coffee shop and the simple things about life before this. There have been a lot of grievances and struggles. Although there has been so much good from this too. 

Although these times are hard, there have been some great blessings in my life because of this pandemic. Though there is so much bad going on in this world, God has used this time to bring so much good in my life. And even though I disliked this quarantine so much, He still has blessed me incredibly through it. A characteristic of God is to turn awful situations into good. I have learned that the most from Him during this quarantine. It all started out when I wrote a song called, “Safe,” a few weeks ago. I wrote this song for a songwriting competition a friend of mine did, it was to write a song based on psalm 91. 

I wrote this song about two months ago, in March. I was still adjusting to the quarantine. Honestly, I was really struggling. At the time, it was hard to pinpoint what exactly was going on with me, but I was remembering a lot of painful memories from the past. My instant reaction to this was to avoid, put walls up around my heart, and to try my best to forget. But while singing this song, Jesus revealed to me that my reaction was an attempt to try to make myself feel safe. These memories actually made me feel unsafe and in my own human effort I tried to feel safe again but I failed.  I didn’t realize how much anxiety and heaviness I was carrying until Jesus revealed it to me. 

After Jesus helped me realize this He then immediately showed me I am safe in His arms. He lifted this burden off my shoulders and I finally felt safe again. After struggling and fighting to get this feeling for weeks, Jesus did this for me in a matter of minutes while I sang the bridge to my song, “I am safe with You, I am safe in Your arms.” It was quite beautiful what Jesus did for me. From that moment on I no longer had to protect myself again, I was protected by my Savior. I no longer needed to be afraid of these memories because Jesus was and is with me, I am safe now. Jesus is trustworthy, and He is a safe place to take refuge in. Without this quarantine, I wouldn’t have ever experienced Jesus’ peace in this particular way. 

This is one amazing encounter I have had with the Lord. But there have been so many more wonderful blessings and moments with Him through this pandemic. He is so beautiful. The more I get to know my Savior, the more I fall so deeply in love with Him and who He is. Jesus is so good and so worthy. Thank you, Lord!

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  1. Sean Quinn


    I enjoyed listening and in your choice for inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Megan Lin

    That was lovely, Abigail. Thank you!

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