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It is so quiet outside now with so many people staying at home. This makes the birds sound louder than usual. The view of the tree in my backyard and the sound of the birds gives me strength and solace during this time. Nature has always had this effect on me, but even more so right now. I hope you take a moment to listen and feel some peace as well.

Shared by: Suzanne Bernsten
Reuse License: CC BY SA Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
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  1. Jean Ramirez

    This is a beautiful image and sound, Suzanne. I have noticed how much better I can hear the birds during my morning walks, and have relished their songs after a long winter.

    • Suzanne Bernsten

      Thanks, Jean. I have my Michigan bird book ready so I can try to learn more about the birds I see. Audubon has some great resources on their website related to birding while social distancing…

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