The Covid-19 virus has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. While we may not all become infected by the virus, we are all affected by the virus.

At times it seems overwhelming. Yet Mr. Rogers, the noted children’s show host, used to say that any experience, if…

it is human, it is mentionable. And if it is mentionable, then it’s manageable.

This space is for the Lansing Community College students, faculty, and staff – our LCC Community –  to mention our experiences so we can manage them. We want to document our experiences, thoughts and emotions during these times, for ourselves and for our future friends.

We ask LCC students, faculty, and staff to make a post. Or two. Or as many as you need to share some aspect of your experience. If you want to write, we have a space to write. It’s called Stories. You can add images and even embed a YouTube along with your writing if it helps you express yourself. If you’re more comfortable expressing yourself visually, we have a space called Images for you to upload and share the images, artwork, or photos of this experience that tell your story.

Feel free to write a little or a lot, to upload stories, pictures, art, and poems. This public website will serve to help us understand how our community’s lives have changed, and it will create a living history of what was on our minds and how we responded during this time. We hope these posts will help to remind us, that despite this upheaval, we are not alone, and our situations and thoughts are shared a hundred-fold throughout our community.

And please, feel free to browse, read, view, and listen to our stories and images. At the bottom of posted story or image, there are buttons that can take you forward or backward through other posts.

If you want some help thinking about what to say – or if you’re that person who thinks you have nothing to say that others want to hear – then take a look at the Ideas and What to Share page. We’ve got a lot of prompts to help you get started.

We live together and we learn together. The virus may have physically distanced us, but we are still a community that learns together.

decortative: quote from Fred Rogers repeated from the main text
courtesy of http://quotefancy.com